Why now is the right time to launch our MBA

By Associate Professor Nick Wailes, MBA Director

In 2013, the University of Sydney Business School will welcome the first cohort of the new Sydney MBA. We are extremely proud of the fact that we’re launching an MBA at the University of Sydney. It’s the culmination of more than five years of hard work by a team of dedicated professionals in the Business School.

So why are we launching an MBA? And why now?

Launching our MBA is a core element of our strategy for becoming a global top 50 business school within five years. Our recent transition from the Faculty of Economics and Business to the University of Sydney Business School gives us a platform to start our drive toward becoming a world-class business school.

One of the hallmarks of a world-class business school is a world-class MBA. However, we aren’t prepared to offer up just another MBA.

We have been given the opportunity to start this degree with a clean sheet of paper and to create something that will symbolise what makes us different as a Business School. In effect we have been able to “re-imagine” the MBA for a new world of business. The result is a program that focuses on helping students develop both the professional and the personal skills they need to realise their ambitions in a world of full of both challenges and opportunities.

While the Sydney MBA is distinct, it emerges out of our experience with the very successful Global EMBA, which we launched in 2010. The Global EMBA, which has attracted an outstanding selection of senior executives, is specifically for senior executives in leadership positions and is built around the principle of experiential learning, that is learning by doing.

Our experience with the ground-breaking GEMBA program, plus independent research, told us that there was both a need and a strong desire from prospective MBA participants for a program that is innovative and linked to industry, while preserving the core elements of a truly great MBA. A key insight of our research revealed is that, to be successful, the next generation of leaders will need not just professional skills and knowledge, but also the personal skills and attributes that will allow them to influence and motivate others.

This key insight allowed us to fundamentally re-imagine what an MBA could ­ and should ­ be. We believe the end result offers a new, contemporary MBA experience that takes management education to a new level. The MBA is not only an exciting opportunity to work with a new generation of leaders but is also an opportunity for us to continue to strengthen and deepen our engagement with, and relevance to, the business and organsiations that we work with.

It’s an opportunity we aim to fully embrace.

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