Industry relevance

By Associate Professor Nick Wailes, MBA Director

In the modern business world, one thing is very clear: leadership ability is a critical element of career success. We consider it to be a quality that can significantly enhance the effectiveness, innovative potential and prosperity of any organisation.

That’s why it’s no surprise that throughout the development of the Business School’s MBA we remained firmly preoccupied with two key questions: What do individuals require in order to become the best leaders they can be, and how can this competency be readily demonstrated to industry employers?

The need to address both of these questions lies at the very heart of our degree’s DNA.

We felt that the best way to answer questions like these is to go straight to the best in the field. That’s why we decided the best way forward for our students was to form an exclusive partnership with US-based executive search and talent consultancy Korn/Ferry International. That partnership speaks directly to our commitment to developing the great leaders of the future.

One of the world’s largest executive search companies, Korn/Ferry is internationally renowned for its leadership assessment and development expertise. Utilising sophisticated assessment techniques, the organisation specialises in assessing the quality and talent of corporate leadership teams.

Our MBA students will have access to that very same process. Able to deliver a highly detailed analysis of individual strengths and weaknesses against a whole series of key competencies customised to our MBA program, the assessments will offer all our students the opportunity to identify their specific competencies requiring improvement. Students can compare their profile to their cohort and benchmark against Korn/Ferry’s database of manager and executive profiles.

For prospective employers, there is no better concrete evidence of leadership capacity. And for students, there is no better way to assess their own development needs and get access to the resources and experiences that can address those needs.

All great business leaders will acknowledge that the basis of their success lies in a keen awareness of their own individual strengths and shortcomings. They are clear about the things they do well with and they are clear about the areas in which they need to strive for improvement. Our partnership with Korn/Ferry International is an early opportunity for our students to accelerate this crucial leadership development process.

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