Delivering an MBA through Innovation

By Christine Bishop, Managing Director of The Social Business Strategy Group advising businesses on how to use social technology to become leading organisations and a graduate from the inaugural cohort of the University of Sydney Business School Global Executive MBA Program.

When I graduated from the University of Sydney Business School’s Global Executive MBA program, I came away with more than a degree. I graduated from that program with new knowledge, fresh perspectives and the skills I wanted to be a better leader.

Since the Global Financial crisis, and through the advent of the internet and social media, I have seen the world of business develop and evolve very quickly. And with that evolution has come a need from business and industry for a new type of leader. One with the kind of hands-on experience that can only come from immersing yourself in real-world issues, and applying a thorough theoretical understanding.

At a recent Global EMBA Continuing Education event, we were briefed on the details of the Business School’s new MBA program. During that briefing, it became clear that this MBA is different to anything currently on offer in the Asia Pacific region.

This MBA is exciting because of the way the Business School is partnering with industry to deliver fantastic content. It represents a significant opportunity for anyone looking to develop their understanding of business, and themselves as leaders.

This is precisely the kind of management education that business and industry are crying out for – a degree that will actively help future leaders to develop their existing abilities, while at the same time providing structure, support and learning to identify their opportunities for growth, and help them to achieve their full potential.

I was excited to see that a number of the elements included in the Global Executive MBA program have formed the foundation of the new MBA. The focus on hands-on, real-world application, combined with a focus on both personal and professional growth, will mean that the people who graduate from this program will be miles ahead of the pack in the eyes of potential employers.

The Business School’s ongoing involvement in the professional development of its graduates is another example of how this new approach to the MBA will really benefit those who take up the challenge.

The University of Sydney is Australia’s oldest university, and for the Business School to be able to offer this level of program, with this level of innovation, really brings it into the future.

There has never been a more important time for aspiring leaders to make their mark – and there’s never been an MBA like this one for those who want to do so.

Christine Bishop will be speaking at the University of Sydney Business School’s Postgraduate Information Session. For more information and to register, please visit the Postgraduate Information Session website.

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