Looking back: The first year of the MBA

seema-punBy Seema Pun, current student of the University of Sydney Business School’s MBA program

They say that the idea of a ‘self-made man’ is a myth and I truly believe it. I’ve gotten through my first year of the University of Sydney Business School’s MBA and it’s not without the support of my wonderful partner and friends, all the staff and lecturers at the Business School and the remarkable bunch of fellow MBA colleagues. What an incredible experience it has been, made just a bit richer because of all the people in it.

Looking back to the first day, I still remember my apprehension going into the class, not knowing what to expect but it was put to rest very quickly. From the moment we started with the commencing unit of study ‘Leadership practice and development’, I knew that this was going to be an experience that was going to leave a lasting impression. At the end of every day I left inspired.

I found ‘Data analytics and modelling’ a bit challenging, especially having no previous background in the area. However, the amount of support from Associate Professor Tony Webber, who is the lecturer of the unit of study, was phenomenal. He was pretty much available 24/7 to answer your questions and I don’t think it gets any better than that. The collegial support and shared learning from my study groups were instrumental. I think it helped us connect with each other and become effective as a team.

Understanding myself, my personal branding and how to communicate it to others was an interesting and insightful exercise in ‘Innovation and strategic marketing’.

The year finished in style with ‘Strategies for growth’, where our cohort presented a strategy brief to the CSIRO organisation.  It was tricky to say the least, to manage and coordinate work with 34 people but the final outcome was impressive.

Some of the highlights for me were how we as a cohort have grown and developed to become such a great team; the incredible support, compassion, strength and leadership that I’ve observed in this MBA; the regular get together at the near-by ‘tea house’; the travel stories told by Associate Professor Nigel Finch.

It’s been a year full of mixed emotions, highs and lows, challenges and lots of hard work but looking at what I’ve accomplished and what I’ve learnt so far; knowing and realising my potential; and great friendships which I’m sure are going to last a long time has been a truly amazing journey. So, I say, bring on the second year!

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One Response to Looking back: The first year of the MBA

  1. cavegirlmba says:

    Very nicely written. Still, I was glad to have opted for a one-year programme.

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