Beginning a new chapter: My decision to enrol in an MBA

By Nicholas Flood, current student of the University of Sydney Business School MBA program

Nicholas FloodIn September 2013, I found myself, for the first time in my professional career, in a situation where I began to question my capacity to truly add value to my organisation.

What was the catalyst for this thinking? An amendment to company strategy? A change in leadership? Competitive developments? It wasn’t any of these things, but rather, an occasion that is generally very positive. It was a promotion.

When speaking with my peers, I understand that my experience mirrors that of many young professionals who undertake the transition from individual contributor to a position of leading teams.

Faced with these concerns, I saw the need to seek out highly-relevant professional development opportunities which will allow both me, and those who I lead, to amplify our capacity to add value to the business. In tabling my objectives with my manager, key sponsors, mentors and business leaders, the pursuit of a Master Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Sydney Business School became the clear choice.

The credentials of the institution, the quality of the learning experience, the strength of the industry partnerships, graduate outcomes and calibre of the fellow candidates all spoke for themselves. I harboured concerns, however, about how I could ensure ongoing high performance at work, in parallel with the need to make the most of the incredible opportunity of being offered candidature within the 2014 intake.

In light of my early experiences so far as a student, I need not have worried. Right from the outset at the 2014 MBA Orientation Evening, the Business School has made available to me a team of incredibly talented, personable and dedicated program staff. The team has shouldered the administrative burden, patiently supported me to fully understand my responsibilities as a student and has guided me in identifying the units of study that align to my desired learning outcomes.

2014 Sem 1 MBA Cohort

Semester 1, 2014 MBA Cohort

The net outcome of this support is best manifested through the fact that, one week into the first unit of my MBA program, I am effectively applying leadership principles at work that I am just now learning about, and can now envisage a roadmap which will facilitate my development as an emerging business leader.

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