My MBA journey: reflections on a new ‘me’

By Robyn Evans, current student of the University of Sydney Business School MBA program

Robyn ClucasMy first unit is done.

They told me at the beginning of my first subject that at the end of it I would be a different person.

It is the end of the 3-months and it’s time to work out if that is true. On Day 1 of the first unit, Leadership Practice and Development (LP&D), we were told that at the end we would be better people, more effective and ultimately stronger leaders. A lot has happened during that time; many group meetings for our final assessment, lots of practice giving feedback and coaching our team members, written assignments and a number of weekend classes. In addition, life has not stopped. Work pressures, family commitments and all the joys and unexpectedness that life brings have continued.

But after 3 months I can tell you that I am a different person, for the better. The most prominent difference  is knowing and owning greater self-efficacy. I have learned and absorbed many new skills, some quite naturally and some requiring ongoing practice. There are many concepts and theories that support the applications I have learned, which were introduced during the course. All of this combined has changed me, grown me, challenged me and ultimately propelled me into a new level of being an effective person and having stronger self-efficacy.

I now have the confidence to do and try things that I would have never had tried before. Because of this course, I am much better at recognizing the efforts of individuals in my team, which has created stronger individual and team relationships. I have been able to confront issues in a more effective manner, which has led to us being able to mitigate further risk, and I have had the courage to offer my thoughts on a department restructure which has led to my inclusion on such a significant project. These things I may have tried before, but I know I would not have had the same positive outcomes.

In addition, I have looked at other longer term career options, things I never would have thought of before, because LP&D helped me to see options outside my immediate field. I am a different person, one with greater skill, more confidence and I know myself better because of how this course integrated itself in the reality of our professional lives. It transcended industries and became relevant to all of us in many different ways, helping us to form great bonds and also support one another to be better and more effective individuals.

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