My quest for a perfect job

By Seema Pun, Senior Consultant, Advisory, EY, and current student of the University of Sydney Business School MBA program

358c19cFinding your “dream” job is always difficult, all the more so when it’s a new career direction in a different and unfamiliar industry. Despite the enormity of the undertaking, I managed to get the job I really wanted and it wouldn’t have been possible without the MBA and all the people that I met who have been so generous and supportive.

Trying to stay positive was challenging at times – especially when each step forward seemed to lead to two backwards. I kept positive by taking time out to think about all the things that I’m grateful for in my life. These helped to lift my spirits, and allowed me to reinvigorate my focus when I returned to the task at hand.

Through my experience, I’ve come to realise how important networking is in the job quest, whether it leads to a connection with the right people or the right advice from someone with valuable experience. I’m so grateful for all the people who so willingly and kindly gave up their time, knowledge and resources for me.

The key to my preparation was developing a concept of my ideal job, creating a “reflected best self-portrait” as well as understanding my personal brand. This helped identify my strengths and gave me an insight into what type of role I would enjoy and excel at. Next, was listing all the roles that were the right fit for me. Then the application frenzy began and eventually led me to my new career.

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