eMBAssy – A University Association Like No Other

By Hugh Simpson, current student of the University of Sydney Business School MBA program and Marketing and Communications Manager, eMBAssy

Hugh SimpsonOver the last 18 months in the MBA program, I have come to know some of the most amazing people from a range of different backgrounds. There are very few university associations where you have the chance to mingle with entrepreneurs, fire-fighters, professional sportsmen, primary school teachers and the usual corporate types who are all the best in their respective fields, motivated and will provide encouragement for you to succeed.

In the last week, the MBA program reached a number of new milestones and I was really pleased to see the University of Sydney MBA Student Association, eMBAssy, launch it’s new website and social links.

As part of the hard working team at eMBAssy, our aims are to take the learning beyond the lectures by building a sense of community, or esprit de corps, that students can feel proud to belong to.

When we started in the program in 2013, we knew that building this community would be up to us, the students. eMBAssy is not just a social club, it is much more and will be delivering professional development events and networking opportunities that will create long-lasting relationships that ensure we have the most successful graduates.

The website and social links may seem to be fairly insignificant, but it will form the backbone of the way we communicate, not only our brand to the public, but also keep students and Alumni informed and involved, especially once the University of Sydney MBA has it’s first graduates in 2015.

When I left the Navy in 2010 after 10 years of service, one thing that lacked in my new civilian life was the camaraderie of a community that was more altruistic in its aims. Through eMBAssy and the MBA program, this sense of a community is growing and I now feel empowered and inspired to achieve my goals.

Visit eMBAssy’s new website at: www.embassy.org.au
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