Time out to be challenged, develop and reflect

By Hayes Montgomery CPA, current student in the Global Executive MBA and CPA Global Executive MBA Scholarship recipient

Hayes 2014What a privilege it is taking time out of work with a group of like-minded and motivated professionals in an intensive and experiential learning environment.

At this point, roughly half way through the University of Sydney Business School Global Executive MBA program, I am amazed by the experiences I have already had and excited about those still to go. Through the modules on Leadership, Integrated Management and now Developing New Opportunities, we have covered a range of topics from more traditional business functions like finance, supply chain and strategy, through to more contemporary topics like design-thinking, big data and even mindfulness.

Leaving work and family behind for two weeks at a time (five times in 18 months!) is obviously a challenge, but the benefit of that time out to really absorb the material, focus on the projects (applying our learnings working with real business clients) and take time to reflect on what we are learning, and how we each are individually developing, has been immensely valuable.

I’ve just returned from Bangalore, where we were looking at creating and developing new opportunities in an emerging market, meeting local partners & consumers, and determining how our Australian business could enter the Indian market.

Dealing with the different social, cultural, regulatory and structural differences in India creates an environment where we can apply our learnings in a highly complex and dynamic environment.  This is an ‘in the deep-end’ approach that is equal parts challenging and of course good fun.

For people contemplating this program, you will most certainly be challenged personally, professionally and academically, but you will also be immensely rewarded. The University of Sydney Business School Global Executive MBA is an incredible way to learn and extend yourself, your career and your horizons. I am grateful to the Business School and CPA Australia for the opportunity to participate in such an innovative program.

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