Global EMBA – Classroom 2.0

By Nathan Morsillo FCPA, current student in the Global Executive MBA and CPA Global Executive MBA Scholarship recipient

As I write this I am midway through Module 3 in Nathan 2014Bangalore enjoying occasional battles with wireless connections, rickshaws and lots of curry. A perfect time to write a quick post about the Global Executive MBA whilst nearing the half-way point.

During my EMBA journey, I have been reflecting on the theory and findings behind the Learning Pyramid. The Learning Pyramid, researched and created by the National Training Laboratories in Betel, Maine, suggests a 10%-30% retention rate on behalf of students for lectures and demonstrations, but 75% if students’ education involves ‘practising by doing’. Although the Learning Pyramid has had its detractors, as a principle, the experiential nature of the EMBA at the Business School has proven to me that having more of the doing is the way to go.

Module 1 – leadership was a tour-de-force, with over 30 speakers over a 2 week residential. Morning, noon and night, leadership was explored, reflected on and applied in contexts like contemporary art galleries, the music conservatorium and in military traditions. In each of these, crucially, there was also room to get to know and learn from other cohort members.

Module 2 covered some of the more standard MBA topics, including integrated management, marketing, finance, and the business model canvas. It also involved a consultancy as a vehicle for learning, working closely with a non-profit working in the disability services sector.

Module 3 found us in India. We met a huge range of entrepreneurs and innovators, and learnt about massive changes and opportunities happening here in a very, very different context.

Thanks are due at this mid-point to Associate Dean (Executive Management Education), Professor Richard Hall and the University of Sydney Business School for assembling a great cohort, a quality program and getting more of the doing into our learning. It’s been a lot of hard work, but equally great fun so far – bring on the last few modules. At the end of the year we’ll be off to Silicon Valley in the USA to explore ‘Managing Growth’ before heading to London and Languedoc, France for our final residential module, “Turning Around Mature Businesses.”

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