MBA Time: A Year in Review

By Robyn Evans, current student of the University of Sydney Business School MBA program

Robyn EvansWhat a year it has been. From  the first unit, Leadership Practice & Development (LP&D), I have journeyed through a number of subjects (with many others), including a unit undertake in China, and am now ending with Managing People & Organisations.  So many buzz words and phrases run through my mind such as “creating glue”, “personality type”, “strength based performance”, “the business model canvas”, “net present value”,  “cultural competence”, “Ni hao” and many more (too many for a blog).

The year has gone very quickly, and Associate Professor Mike Jenner was right about what he said to us in LP&D – this experience is in some sense in its own world. We call it MBA time. The rate at which we learn and apply these concepts is fast paced and requires much energy and facilitation. Even though this can be challenging, it is certainly a great way to learn and gives us the ability to practice our new found concepts in the workplace.

There have been friendships formed, many late nights, much stress, a few clashes, the anxious wait for marks and the excitement of the annual MBA Ball to end the year. Many have changed jobs, some even careers; one went to war and others had babies. Who would have thought all that would happen in a year. Yet it does. (If you feel tired, you know why now).

However, the excitement doesn’t end here.I In some ways, the MBA is a new season, a season where we all cross paths (some more than others) and then journey into the next season with one another. Whether we are right there cheering each other on, or just following on social media, the MBA has enabled us to cross paths, develop relationships and connect professionally.

Very importantly, this program has enabled personal and professional growth to new heights and prompted me to think even further about my career potential. The investment into women has been a great asset of this program, and something I hope continues to grow.

So while my MBA journey has a little more time to go, I look forward to the new students adding colour to the already established MBA masterpiece next year. We have all in some way contributed to the colour and texture of this masterpiece called the MBA, and I look forward to seeing this artwork develop as we journey and build into the future.

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