Current MBA, Future [INSERT HERE]

By Georgia Knox, current student of the University of Sydney Business School MBA program

150226_SydneyUni_SH04_11588The concept of future anything is actually quite a daunting one. Rarely do we allow ourselves the luxury of such unrestricted thinking. Of waxing lyrical. Of dreaming big.

But why not? We live in a world that is rapidly evolving and generating endless possibilities in the process. And these are yours and mine to make the most of. So let’s do this – I’ll share mine and would love you to share yours.

My future anything is still as open-ended as the concept suggests. I do not want to insert a term too definitive in there just yet, if at all. That is because my career – and I guess life in general – to date is all about making the most of opportunities, many of which I did not envisage. And I am enjoying the ride immensely.

From a high-school dream of being a journalist, I came to realise that the media landscape was changing quicker than I could learn about it. So I attempted to future-proof myself by combining my media aspirations with legal qualifications via an undergraduate media/law degree. Ten years later, I had completed the degree and been a summer clerk, graduate and lawyer at one of Australia’s top law firms.

But my interest in media remained. So when an opportunity for a very diverse role with APN News & Media came my way, I jumped-in head first… even though I’d had very little to do with the industry since my undergraduate days. After more than three incredible years full of challenge and change at a company with media assets predominantly consisting of radio, outdoor advertising and newspapers, I now find myself in a purely digital content business that is owned by one of the world’s biggest tech companies. Hold up. Reverse back two paragraphs and 13.5 years. I would never have thought that this would be my future anything!

Looking forward, the concept is not just about me. While I am hesitant to be too certain about my future, the world is not slowing down. We need to position ourselves to be able to work hard, have fun and lead effectively within it. So future anything becomes an even more complex and compelling proposition, as it connects the individual to their organisation, their society and beyond.

With that in mind, I know that my future anything consists of roles that I will feel fulfilled in – both personally and professionally. It means that I will be challenged on a daily basis, and challenging others in the process, so that they too can be the best that they can be. It also means that I am contributing to the broader world around me, serving those who need it and making decisions that matter. The roles could be Fortune 500 Board Director, Mayor of Sydney, Vice-President of a global tech company, leader of a local not-for-profit or many others, including an endless array of those that I have never heard of, or better still, don’t exist yet. As long as I am in the position to make the most of the best opportunities that come my way, my future anything is a bright one.

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