BOSS Emerging Leaders Event, 17th May 2016

5525 Sydney Business Connect MagazineBy Samantha Cook, current student in the University of Sydney Business School MBA program and BOSS Emerging Leaders MBA Scholarship recipient 2016.

There is a lot discourse surrounding the topic of leadership. I read and hear about all kinds of different leaders, from ‘innovative leaders’ to ‘purpose-driven leaders’ (to name a few). But what does this actually mean and what do aspiring leaders need to do to be the best leaders they can possibly be?

Last Tuesday Cindy Hook CEO of Deloitte Australia, spoke at the first BOSS Emerging Leaders event for 2016, and shared with young emerging leaders the following six actions that all leaders should do to become effective leaders:

#1 Know yourself: understand what is important to you, especially in relation to your drivers and values. By knowing yourself you can define your passion and shape your leadership around this which will make you a more authentic leader.

#2 Work hard and deliver proven results: working hard is not just about putting in a lot of hours, it’s about consistent and proven results.

#3 Be loyal to your organisation: loyalty can get you far. Don’t discount the opportunities that may be available with your current employer and investigate all options within your organisation.

#4 Build a great team around you: by first identifying your strengths and weaknesses and then building a team around you to complement your skills, and make sure to ask lots of questions along the way.

#5 Get Global experience: Seek ways to get global experience and if that’s not readily available get creative and think about how you can get global experience, whether through putting yourself on a project with an international nexus, or being part of organisations outside of work which are internationally-focussed.

#6 Make yourself future ready: because increasingly ‘merit’ will be defined on the business needs for the future and what value you are able to bring to the future of the business.

Cindy’s presentation provided some comfort in knowing that despite there being a range of leadership styles and methods there are some fundamental elements that remain true and relevant for all leaders.

So no matter what kind of leader you are, or where you are in your career, take a moment to think about these 6 actions and determine what you need to do to be the best possible leader you can be.

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