My (surprising) MBA journey so far…

By Adele Langton, current student of the University of Sydney Business School MBA program and UN Women NC Australia MBA Scholarship recipient

al_image_bwBeing awarded the UN Women Australia National Committee MBA Scholarship came as a surprise. Little did I know that this would be the first of many. My advice if you’re considering applying? Park any hesitations about your likelihood of success and have confidence in how valuable your contribution could be. To the same potential applicants, I would also say prepare yourself for some surprising experiences.

The excitement I felt when I started the program was something else that came as a surprise. To be involved in a program with an abundance of opportunities inside and outside the classroom, there’s a real buzz on campus. With this comes a genuine community around you, ready to support you throughout your journey – which I feel strongly is of great value.

You’ll be surprised at how perspective-shifting the studies can be, I really was.  Our cohort has just completed our first subject and we all agree that our eyes have already been opened towards our goals, strengths and values, much faster than we ever expected.

The biggest surprise?  The calibre of your fellow students.  You will meet industry game-changers working on projects and in roles you didn’t know existed. From CEOs to thought leaders – I may have even met Australia’s next female Prime Minister. They are insightful, impressive and fun people to work with and also learn from.

What should not surprise you? How much you will get out of studying at a university with a genuine commitment to gender diversity. You will also be in the company of women passionate about this too. They are fearless public speakers, poised negotiators, inspirational debaters – truly remarkable women.    I wanted to complete the University of Sydney MBA to round out my existing experiences with business insights: but more than that, I wanted to be able to channel the information and contacts I made toward the shared goal of female empowerment.  This is exactly what the UN Women NC Australia MBA Scholarship offers.  With support from the UN Women you will get the chance to craft ideas about how to promote gender equality and play a role in the important work that UN Women NC Australia does.

What are you waiting for? I look forward to seeing you on the program!

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